I am a London based composer, producer, performer and sound artist of British / French heritage.

My work includes radio, theatre, dance, film, installation, performance, video and sound art. 

I have collaborated and worked with artists including Robert Wilson, Victoria Chaplin, Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Coco Rosie, Daniel Hope, Herbert Grönemeyer, Charles Chemin, Marianna Kavallieratos, Jayne Port, Katie-Jane Garside.


My work is inter-medial and post-genre, tending to focus on diverse applications of the electric guitar at its core. Current projects include the multichannel performance work 'Vengeful Ghost'; a Pure Data / controller-based research project with Nick Burge at Iklectik Art Lab, and an instrumental album with LA based composer Bryan Senti.

Deutsche Hörspiel (Robert Wilson’s radio play ‘Tower of Babel’) 2017
Kriegsblinden Preis nomination (for radio play ‘WW1’) 2016
Karl Szucka Preis nomination (for radio play ‘WW1’) 2016
Kerrang! Best New Band 2000 nomination (Sona Fariq) 2000

'one of the most interesting musical talents we have today' Robert Wilson

‘a writer and musician of both combustible aggression and intense, mathematical precision.’ Imran Khan, Pop Matters