by Dom Bouffard 

Original text by Penny Cliff

Narrated by Helga Davis

Premiered on Resonance FM          

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Little Red Riding Hood is thought to have first emerged in the French Alps in the late Middle Ages in the midst of an epidemic of werewolf (Bzou) trials. From a symbol of adolescent empowerment, she was later turned into a moralising fable by Charles Perrault in "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge," a metaphor for the Napoleonic Rhineland invasion by the Brothers Grimm in Rotkäppchen. In the 20th Century the Nazis made her a heroine of the Third Reich; Angela Carter imagined her as a werewolf’s lover in "The Company of Wolves" and Tony Ross as a New York vigilante. Bouffard interweaves these reincarnations with texts ranging from the infamous "Hammer of Witches" to Valerie Solanas’s "SCUM Manifesto" in a furious, impressionistic, sound journey through space and time, constructed from field recordings, modular electronics, contemporary classical and extreme guitar noise, sewn together with Penny Cliff’s poem "Red Line.



Helga Davis is a New York-based multidisciplinary artist who works as an actress, singer, writer and composer, as well as a radio and podcast host