Vengeful Ghost

Vengeful Ghost

Snape Maltings, UK


Vengeful Ghost is an immersive musical performance exploring the menacing ephemerality of invisible forces, mining the possibilities of experimental approaches to electric guitar and multi-channel processing in a multi-channel space. This visceral work-in-progress - which is informed by artists from Derek Bailey, Steve Reich and Christian Marclay to Glenn Branca, Sunno and Janet Cardiff - blurs the lines between performance, installation and sound sculpture, honouring the electric guitar's unique outlaw status, while displacing it in search of new shapes.

The project's first phase took place at a week long R&D residency at Snape Maltings, UK in November 2019 with my collaborators Alli MacInnes (guitar), Lewis Amar (guitar) and Lia Mice (electronics/ spatialisation) which concluded with an open session in Snape Maltings' iconic Britten Studio. 

Phase 2 was a second week-long residency at Snape maltings in September 2020 which was documented by filmmaker John Fensom. The film and interview material will feature in the Digital Festival of New, Feb 27th 2021.

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