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Songwriter and experimental composer Dom Bouffard is a writer and musician of both combustible aggression and intense, mathematical precision.


As part of Sona Fariq he helped to draft sounds that always seemed like works-in-progress. These musical transmutations - experiments in rock, punk, dub and hip-hop - were war-ravaged fusions existing in an idealistic space of sonic information… a rapacious and hedonistic thirst for dangerous thrills.


Bouffard has since explored all reaches of music’s perimeters… on the fringes of the performance art and dance scenes in Europe and New York respectively, composing deeply personal and challenging pieces of music and sound collages. His music has put him in contact with everyone from avant-garde stage director Robert Wilson and dancer Marianna Kavallieratos to musicians Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, and Lady Gaga. 


The soulful counter balance to his avant-garde work is his duo Emperors of Rome, a band that mines the deep-fried soul of delta blues and dusty, arid punk-rock. His voice, once the threatening susurration in Sona Fariq, has developed and matured into a deep, salty growl that gains traction in the romance of his new blues-punk melodrama.


Edited from: 'The "Dom"-inant Strain: Dom Bouffard's Manifold Sounds' by Imran Khan, PopMatters 09 Sep 2015 

https://www.popmatters.com/195784-the-dom-inant-strain-dom-bouffards-manifold-sounds-2495504027.html )

Dom Bouffard